at Vivid Projects

A wonderful opening night for our latest exhibition, A RECORD OF UNDYING. “Humbling” “breathtaking” “life affirming”- just a few of the audience responses. Continues Thu-Sat 12-5pm. See for accompanying events.

Blissfully Gunned Down

British artist George Saxon will launch his remarkable new exhibition at Vivid Projects on 3/10/14 with a live performance, ‘Blissfully Gunned Down’.

16mm twin screen loop (durational) performance (1980 – 2013), 15 min approx

From an original collaboration with the late D. John Briscoe (1949 – 2013)

The original 16mm negative was shot in 1980, with Briscoe who performs in these short sequences, shot down and pretending to die. The performance with the film is an attempt to orchestrate and animate a synchronous and diagetic sound event on the optical track of the film. Saxon scratches onto the film; scoring the sound ‘live ‘ as the film runs through the projector; reinforcing the visible source on the screen, as the rhythmic sound of the ‘shot’ gradually becomes present throughout the filmed action on screen.

This was an uncompleted piece of 16mm film work shot in 1980. Thirty-three years later the footage was found and restored. First performed at, London in October 2013.

To be performed atVivid Projects, Birmingham UK 20.00 hrs 3/10/14.

Bike lab pop up at Warwick Bar Birmingham with hellocatfood


Presenting the Birmingham Film & Video Workshop at Channel 4 Conference, BFI Southbank  ‘What We’re Trying to Do Is Make Popular Culture’ October 2012. Yasmeen Baig-Clifford, Professor Paul Long, Professor Roger Shannon.

Presentation and round table on the origins and work of the Birmingham Film and Video Workshop. See the article by the above in Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 2013, Vol 33, No.3, 377-395. Routledge / Taylor & Francis.

Did you know that we hold a digitised set of key films from #Birmingham Film & Video Workshop? A legacy of the Participation exhibition curated by Yasmeen Baig-Clifford for VIVID 2008/9.